Team Registration Rules

60/40 Rule: Teams/Companies may structure 40% of their roster with outside players. Please see below for a breakdown of the 60% for rule:  

Totals Players on the Team  40% Allowed 

Grandfathered Players:

Players who played in the DTLV Basketball Social league prior to the name change to APEX Basketball Social and the new rules being implemented. If a player who played in a league with one team and their team is no longer in the league, they have option to play on another team.  A grandfathered player counts towards your 60 percent

Grandfathered Teams:

The following teams are considered “Grandfathered” under the previous league rules:

Zappos, Jan Pro, Hurley, Wells Fargo, Heath Care Partners, Plaza Hotel, Downtown Project, DTLV Lawyers, Nacho Daddy, & Life is Beautiful, Ballers, Cox, Nike Cesars

Grandfathered Players: A list of all grandfather player will be available in July. 

Ringer: A player who does not work for the company/organization.